• Leah Quinn


Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Stay together

Cute flat


Would it be?

Ignore the different opinions

The fact my womb isn’t mine

And women don’t have careers

(what 1930s bulls*** are you talking)

Quiet, smile

PGCE - I could be a teacher

You’d like that wouldn’t you

Maternal - Gentle

Pay check bit like you

5 years later

Ring on finger

Smile, smile, thank you


Cute romantic story

Tell the grandkids and the rest

Churn out a couple babies

Christened, named

Grandmother from hell

Are you doing that right

You know I know how to raise a child, right

I can do that for you

You don’t need to think

Wait for the mental mould and stagnation

The antidepressants

And the wine

Break up – Independent

Girls’ flat in Clapham

Central line to work and back

Suit jackets, coffees, PA role

Please hold

Yes I want to be a writer

This is temporary

Just temporary Just temporary Just temporary

Ten years later

Work in publishing

Know the business inside out

Been writing novel in the evenings

Excuse me Bloomsbury do you have a moment to read my manuscript

To read my manuscript to read my life

Dinner dates


Easy sex-life what was your name

Central line to work and back

Suit jackets, coffees, copywriter

Pay check, extortionate rent

Might go home for Christmas

How are you

Might meet up at Christmas

Let’s get a drink how’ve you been

I’m doing good - You’re married? Wow congrats

Am I? No. I’m free


Bit of bio:

I wrote this last year while trying to figure out if I was still in love with somebody. Turns out the answer was no. Also, thoroughly amusing how accurately I predicted my life as a single girl.

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