• Leah Quinn

Big thanks to Offshoot Arts Magazine

Having submitted a few poems way back in September to the lovely people running the new student arts magazine at my university, I've had the good luck since to have had all three published. So this is my thank you! Since September, Offshoot have published 'Intimacy' and 'stones' alongside so much inspiring work by Sussex-based writers and artists in and around the university on their blog.

Most recently, Offshoot have made the exciting evolution from blog to printed magazine with the help and funding of Sussex's School of English. I'm flattered to say my own poem 'Boys Will Be Boys' has been featured in their December issue alongside poetry, short stories, music and visual art from a range of undergrad and post-grad students. Credit for the beautiful cover work goes to Urmila Reghunath with her own summary: And I'm an almost face... a sum of defective parts.

I never fail to be amazed by the work of artists in Brighton and, specifically, on and around our own campus. We've got a few days left before Christmas holidays kick in and everyone heads back to their hometowns to eat an inordinate amount of food so check out Offshoot's awesome work so far on their Facebook page, or pick up one of the many December issues scattered about campus.

If you're a writer, poet or artist of any sort, I definitely recommend submitting something to this fab team of people celebrating the diversity of creative output at Sussex. In a time where so much of the world disregards art, let's remind them why we matter.

Here's my poem 'Boys Will Be Boys':

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